Professor Graham Holmes graduated from the University of Melbourne with a B. Eng. (1st in class) in 1974. He has a Masters degree from the same university in power systems engineering, and a PhD from Monash University in power converter modulation theory. He was a faculty member at Monash University for 26 years, where in 1996 he established the Power Electronics Research Group (PEG) to support graduate students and research engineers working together on both pure and applied R&D projects. The interests of the group include fundamental modulation theory, VSI current regulators, active filter systems, resonant converters, current source inverters, and multilevel converters. In 2002 he formed a commercial R&D company from this group, specialising in the development of tailored power electronic conversion systems for unusual applications. In 2010, Professor Holmes was appointed as Innovation Professor – Smart Energy Systems at RMIT University, where he is currently extending his research interests to work with industry and government in the area of Smart Grids and Smart Energy technologies.

Professor Holmes has been a major contributor to the field of power electronics research for over 20 years. His primary research focus has been to investigate fundamental questions concerning the principles of modulation and closed loop control of switching power converters. He has published a major theoretical reference book on this subject, together with over 200 refereed journal and conference articles (2300+ citations). He is a senior member of the IEEE, reviews papers for all major IEEE transactions in his area, and has been an active member of the Industrial Applications and Power Electronics Societies of the IEEE for over 15 years. He has been an elected member-at-large of the PELS Adcom for over 10 years, was VP Meetings for PELS for 2005/2006, and is currently the Chairperson of the Constitution and ByLaws Committee of the PELS Adcom.