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Power Electronics QUO VADIS?  Dr. Jacobus Daan Van Wyk, Professor Emeritus at University of Johannesburg, South Africa Technologies have specific life cycles, driven by internal innovation, subsequently reaching maturity. Power electronics appears to be a much more complex case as … Continue reading

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Contactless Energy Transfer (CET) Systems – A Review Dr. Marian Kazmierkowski, Professor at Warshawa University of Technology, Poland  Recently, the contactless energy transfer (CET) systems are developed and investigated widely. This innovative technology creates new possibilities to supply mobile devices … Continue reading

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Frequency Domain Analysis of Switching Power Converters Dr. Grahame Holmes, RMIT University, Australia The concept of frequency domain analysis using Fourier decomposition is central to an understanding of the modulation processes for a switched power converter. The origins of these … Continue reading

Dr. Leo Lorenz, Senior Director (retired), Infineon Technologies; Director of ECPE, Germany,

Mr. Masato Iwataki, Corporate Chief Engineer of Railway System Co., Hitachi Ltd., Japan

Dr. Vlatko Vlatković, Chief Engineering Officer of GE Power Conversion, USA/France Vlatko Vlatković is the Chief Engineering Officer of the GE Power Conversion business. he is responsible for fulfillment and new technology development in all areas of high power conversion … Continue reading

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